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Supervising Food Safety, Level 3 Certified Online Food Hygiene Training Course

Our online level 3 food hygiene training course is designed for managers and supervisors, to help them gain up to date supervisory food hygiene training certification and help them understand their essential day to day responsibilities of being in control of food preparation staff.

This video based food hygiene training certification is a comprehensive course which starts with basic information, then follows a logical path through many food safety topics including the types of food hazards, personal hygiene, pest control, current legislation and enforcement and much more. Our course also discusses how you can implement a successful food safety management system within your workplace.

Training Course Content & Registration

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Food Poisoning, Spoilage & Preservation
  • Microbiological Hazards & Controls
  • Chemical Hazards, Controls & Prevention
  • Allergen Hazards, Physical Hazards & Controls
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Design and Use of Food Premises and Equipment
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Pests & Pest Management
  • HACCP & FSMS and the Implementation of HACCP
  • 7 Principles of Hazard Control
  • Food Safety Legislation & Enforcement
  • Your Final Test
  • Level 3 Certification
  • Video Based Programme
  • Over 4 Hours of Video
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £65 + vat

Supervising food safety, level 3 certification, online training for managers, supervisors, click here to register and start

Our video based online food hygiene course programme is available with level 3 food hygiene online free certification, which can be downloaded and printed on successful completion of this course and kept for your records.

Free level 3 food hygiene training videos are also available with this programme, these can be paused or rewound as you progress through the training, so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure.

Level 3 Food Hygiene Certification

Get certified now with our approved online programme.

Video based approved level 3 supervising food safety training course, online food hygiene certification for managers & supervisors, care home kitchen supervisors, an e-learning solution for your business.

Our online food hygiene training, level 3 certification is an ideal learning platform for kitchen supervisors, restaurant managers, care home managers or anyone who works within a management or supervisory role concerning workplace food hygiene and food safety.

Level 3 food safety training course, click here to register and startYou can register and start your training course now by clicking the “Register Now” button, this will take you to the simple course registration page and once you have started your course you can complete training over a number of days if required.

There are a wide range of very important topics contained within food safety and maintaining quality food hygiene within your business is vital if you are to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

This level 3 food safety training certification will help you design and understand the correct food safety management system, which must be professionally run. This will help to protect your customers and also your staff, which intern will also protect the food safety and hygiene reputation of your company.

Additional Food Safety Training Courses Available

Our food safety training via e-learning will help you gain level 3 supervising food hygiene certification and help you stay compliant with your food safety training requirements. For any additional information regarding any of our online training courses we have available please contact us through our contact us page.