CPD Certified Diabetes Awareness Online Training Course

We offer an online Diabetes awareness course, which will help you understand this condition, as Diabetes is a serious lifelong health condition. Diabetes occurs when the amount of glucose, or sugar in the blood is too high and if left untreated, high blood glucose levels can cause serious health complications.

This course is an ideal learning solution for residential care home staff, nurses, social care providers, including domiciliary carers, because understanding how to recognise the signs and symptoms of Diabetes and offer treatment to someone who suffers is vital.

Course Content & Registration

  • CPD Certified Course, Video Based Training
  • Over 45 Minutes of Course Video
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £25 + vat

Diabetes awareness online training course, click here to register and start your cpd certified programme

  • Diabetes what it is
  • Its prevalence
  • The symptoms
  • The diagnosis
  • Condition treatment
  • Complications that can arise

Diabetes Awareness Training Certification

Get certified now, CPD certified video based training to be Diabetes aware.

CPD Certified, diabetes awareness training online, course suitable for residential care home staff, nurses, domiciliary carers, home carers. Understand how to recognise the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

In this online Diabetes awareness training programme the course will provide an overview of the condition and the common symptoms that might indicate someone has diabetes. This course will also cover methods of diagnosis and some possible treatments. This training will also cover common complications that can affect those with this condition.

Our course is available with free Diabetes awareness training videos, which can be paused or rewound as you progress through the course, also free Diabetes training certification is also available on successful completion of the course, which can be downloaded and printed.

This e-learning Diabetes awareness course is an ideal learning platform for domiciliary carers, residential care home staff, nurses, home helps, domestic carers, social care providers, or anyone who would like to gain knowledge of Diabetes and how to recognise the signs and symptoms, but also offer treatment.

Additional E-Learning Courses Available

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